Vertical Shaft Mixer

- Sufficient thrust to suspend solids
- Operating Speed between 25 – 30 [rpm]
- Rag free during operation.

Trustworthy Vertical Shaft Mixer

-          Sufficient thrust to suspend solids

-          Operating Speed between 25 – 30 [rpm]

-          Rag free during operation.

Principle and Function

The Wamechsi Group’s Vertical Shaft Mixers are used in the un-aerated compartment within a biological nutrient reactor and fitted with mechanical mixers to keep the activated sludge in suspension with an energy density input of approximately 10 [W/m3].

Technical Data: (Typical)
Operating Speed of Mixer:                 

Power Intensity:                                              

Mean Velocity Gradient (G):               

Motor & Gearbox Data (Typical):

Make & Model:                                   

Rated Motor Power:                

Gearbox Rating:                    

Gearbox Service Factor:          2.2

Electrical Supply:                      380 ????? ??, 50 [??]

Shaft (Typical):


Shaft Diameter [NB]:               



Impeller (Typical):

Impeller Diameter:                  

Impeller Type:                         

Impeller Shape:                                   

Advantages of the Wamechsi Group Vertical Shaft Mixers:

-          Dispersion plate ensuring power balance

-          Sufficient capacity thrust to re-suspend solids settle on bottom.

-          Fully accessible without the need of draining the tanks

-          Rag free during operation

-          No bearing in contact with the waste water.

The Wamechsi Group Vertical Shaft Mixers consists of the following key parts:

-          Motor & Gearbox

The installation of the electrical motor and gearbox enables Wamechsi Group’s Vertical Shaft Mixer to operate continuously for 365 days per year, 24 hours per day at ambient conditions, which is suitable for start and stop operations of 15 starts per hour and upward. The gearbox selected has helical gear configuration and has a service life larger than 1.5.

-          Impellers

The installation of the impellers Wamechsi Group’s Vertical Shaft Mixer to have a sufficient thrust capacity to re-suspend any solids that may have settled to the bottom of the mixing zone during process interruptions such as maintenance events. The impellers are design and manufactured with 8 [mm] 316 Stainless Steel plates.