Telescopic Valve

- Effective control of process flow of wastewater treatment works.
- Durable and heavy duty Telescopic Valves.

Trustworthy Wamechsi Group Telescopic Valve offers:

  • Effective control of process flow of wastewater treatment works.
  • Durable and heavy duty Telescopic Valves.

Principle and Function:

The Wamechsi Group Telescopic Valves are custom designed fabricated stainless steel slip-pipe assemblies for controlling liquid levels. The Telescopic Valve is designed to be robust and effective. The position of the valve is controlled with an handwheel and spindle system.

The Wamechsi Telescopic Valve are used primarily for sludge removal, or liquid level control and are considered to be fully open when in the lowermost position. The valve tube travels inside a cast iron or stainless steel riser pipe. The nominal riser pipe diameter determines the valve tube diameter.


-          Fabricated stainless steel tube buffed to lower friction and minimize seal wear.

-          Stainless steel thread rising spindle design with bronze lift nut to prevent binding during valve travel.

-          Cast iron fabricated handwheels.

-          Flanged for mounting directly to customer supplied field piping and sized to slide freely inside the ID of the mating pipe.


Applications for our telescopic valves are level control in clarifiers, tanks and wet wells, collection of supernatants and overflow protection in biosolids storage facilities.

Telescopic Valve:                    
Frame and fasteners:              
Lift Nut:                                   

Advantages of the Wamechsi Group Electrical Actuated Tilting Weir

-          Telescopic valve also included as standard design.

-          Manual operation of valves made easy by cast iron handwheels.

-          Effective seal provided by the telescopic valves.

The Wamechsi Group Telescopic Valve consists of the following key parts:

1.)     Stainless Steel Rising Spindle

2.)     Cast Iron Handwheel

3.)     Telescopic Valve Pedestal

4.)     Telescopic Valve Sliding Tube

Rising Spindle

The spindle is the stainless steel shaft responsible for pulling and pushing the telescopic valve into its desired position. The valve is controlled by an handwheel which rotates around the spindle along threads causing the spindle to pull or push the valve.

Cast Iron Handwheel

The handwheel is manufactured from cast iron and painted. The handwheel is used to control the telescopic valve with a stub acme threaded type 304 or 316 stainless steel stem to provide automatic self-locking, infinite valve positioning. The standard rising stem lift shall use a square tube with torque nut design to prevent telescoping valve tube rotation.


The pedestal secures the telescopic valve in place.  The pedestal is mounted on the top of concrete (TOC) to ensure that the spindle is perpendicular to the TOC.

Sliding Tube

Stainless steel or steel tubes up through are manufactured from seamless pipe or tube. Steel tubes are to be epoxy coated. Tube lengths shall be as shown or noted on the drawings and must be of sufficient length to facilitate valve travel and maintain an appropriate insert depth.