Vortex Degritter

Trustworthy separation of grit from wastewater

Trustworthy separation of grit from wastewater

-          Grit separation efficiency of up to 90 [%] for particles larger than 200 [μm].

-          High grit discharge capacity with a self-priming pump.

-          Effective vortex de-gritting system proven on several plants.

Principle and Function

The Wamechsi Group Vortex De-Gritter is used for grit removal in a waste water treatment plant (WWTP). There are two facets of the equipment that helps the operation to remove the grit from the chamber. The paddles are rotated by a motor and gearbox which helps generating the vortex in the system. The paddles are in contact with the waste water and the rotation of the paddles induce a vortex in the fluid inside the de-gritting chamber.

The grit is separated from the fluid by using the principle of the different settling velocities of the fluid and the grit.  The grit is denser and therefore it will settle at a lower velocity than the water causing the grit to drop to the bottom of the de-gritting chamber where it is captured in order to be removed from the sewage works.

The second facet of the equipment is to lift the settled grit from the bottom of the chamber by using a self-priming pump. Wash water are induced at the bottom of the chamber to disrupt the settled grit for the self-priming pump. The removal of grit from the waste water treatment plant is critical to minimize the wear on the mechanical equipment following the vortex de-gritter.

Thecnical Data

Maximum Grit Removal:         

Vortex Tank Diameter:                        

Operating Speed of Paddles:             

Influent Flow Rate:                             

Material of Headstock:                        

Material of Paddles & Discharge:       

Total Mass of Unit:                               

Grit Separation Efficiency:                   

Grit Sparging Water Flow:                 

Grit Sparging Water Pressure:            

Grit Extraction Pipe Size:                     

Motor & Gearbox Data:

Make & Model:               

Rated Motor Power:      

Gearbox Rating:         


Gearbox Service Factor:         

Electrical Supply:         

Self-Priming Pump Data:

Make & Model:               

Flow Rates:            

Impeller Type:            

Rated Motor Power:      

Electrical Supply:         


The maximum noise level is 77 [dB]. If the noise level exceeds 77 [dB]

immediate attention should be given in order to avoid damage to the



Working Environmental Conditions

-          Environment Type: Industrial, wet, pollution degree 3.

-          Temperature: From -20 [˚C] to 40 [˚C]

-          Humidity: From 40 [%] to 100 [%]

The Wamechsi Group Vortex De-Gritter consists of the following key parts:

-          Motor & Gearbox

The installation of the electrical motor and gearbox is used to rotate the paddles through the fluid.  A vertically mounted electrical motor is mounted in the top of the vortex de-gritter to transfer the power through the gearbox and shaft to the impeller.  The motor and gearbox selection is based on the specific de-gritting chamber size.

-          Driveshaft

The driveshaft is used to transfer the rotation from the gearbox to the paddles.  The shaft size and specifications are calculated in order to handle the required power transfer to the paddles.

-          Paddles

The paddles of the machine are in contact with the water to ensure that a vortex is induced in the waste water inside the de-gritting chamber.  The Paddles are fixed on the paddle side shafts with a rotational coupling allowing the paddles to rotate to prevent damage to the machine in the case of debris in the de-gritting chamber.

-          Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe is connected to a self-priming pump which is used to lift the settled grit out of the chamber to discharge into either a grit washer or grit classifier depending on the plant design.

-          Self-Priming Pump

The self-priming pumps used for the grit removal is the Cornell STX Series Self-Priming Pumps which has an industry leading efficiency with its CycloSeal System. The pump enables the grit to be transported through the discharge pipe into either a grit washer or grit classifier depending on the plant design.

Cornel STX Series Self-Priming Pump

Wamechsi Vortex Degritter Capacity and Sizes:
The following table presents a possibility to select the right size vortex de-gritter dep