Screw Pump

- Guaranteed efficiency of 80 [%] can be obtained in a low lift, high capacity waste water application.
- High head and flow can be obtained.
- Effective pumping system proven on several plants.

Trustworthy screw pumping of wastewater

-          Guaranteed efficiency of 80 [%] can be obtained in a low lift, high capacity waste water application.

-          High head and flow can be obtained.

-          Effective pumping system proven on several plants.

Principle and Function

Influent to a waste water treatment plant (WWTP) contains quantities of floating and suspended solids. If an impeller pump is used to raise the influent, it is necessary to install a fine screen ahead of the pump. The purpose of the screen is to remove particles that can damage, block or cause excessive wear to the pump.

The installation of an upstream fine screen creates high civil construction costs difficulties transporting the screenings up to ground level and a hazardous confined space area. The Wamechsi Group Screw Pump are capable of transporting sizable items within the water and lengths of light timber are broken up by the reinforced leading edge of the screw flights. Installing a screw pump in this application, relocates the screen above ground level and saves significant civil construction costs.






In a low lift, high capacity waste water application, an efficiency of 80% can be realized using a screw pump. During the diurnal flow pattern of influent, the amount of waste water can range between 30% - 100% of the design capacity. Coincidentally, one characteristic of a screw pump is the ability to maintain a high efficiency rating over the same range of flow capacity.

Wamechsi manufactures a wide range with diameters up to 3000 [mm] and lengths up to 20 000 [mm]. The invention of a screw pump comes from ancient era when the technology was used for overcoming water transport elevation in the form of Archimedes screw.

Thecnical Data

Flow Range:           

Maximum Design Lift:             

Screw Angle of Inclination:    

Shaft Power Required:            

Efficiency at Maximum Flow:  

Mass of Assembly:                   

Motor & Gearbox Data

Make & Model of Motor:         

Rated Motor Power:                

Motor Efficiency:                     

Gearbox Type:                        

Gearbox Service Factor:                     

Screw & Tube Data

Screw Diameter:                     

Tube Diameter:                                  

Screw Speed:                          

Screw Tip Speed:                    

Material of Tube:                    

Material of Screw Flights:        

Tip Material of Screw Flight:   

Shaft Coupling Data

Make & Model:                                   

Power Rating:                         

Speed Rating:                         

Torque Rating:                        

The Wamechsi Group Screw Pump consists of the following key parts:

Motor & Gearbox

The installation of the electrical motor and gearbox enables the screw pump to be rotate the auger continuously.  The motor drives the auger to pump out the waste from the water from the entry level of the water to the highest pumping level in the waste water treatment plant. This is crucial in automating the sewage treatment facility, it is however still required to do regular checkups in order to notice any unusual debris that may influence the effectiveness and working of the machine.


The screw transports the waste water from the bottom of the screw pump inlet to the exit of the pump.  The screw is effective in pumping water filled with waste and debris with the least maintenance and highest effectiveness.

Areas of Application

-          Inlet and final effluent pumping of waste water treatment plants.

-          Inter-stage pumping in waste water treatment plants.

-          Return and surplus sludge pumping in sewage treatment plants.

Types and Models

-          Concrete Through

The concrete through is the old classic design. The civil contractor first builds a through roughly 80 mm larger than the outer diameter of the screw rump. The final dimensions of the through is obtained by screeding. The screw is used to obtain the final dimension by rotating the screw with a temporary screed bar.

-          Steel Through Liner

In certain circumstances the construction of a screened concrete through is not practical and a prefabricated steel through liner can be provided.