Screw Conveyor

- High screenings conveying and discharge capacity.
- Additional accessories for every circumstances


Trustworthy separation of screenings from wastewater

-          High screenings conveying and discharge capacity.

-          Additional accessories for every circumstances

Principle and Function

The Wamechsi Group’s Screenings Screw Conveyor are used to convey grit which has been separated from the wastewater by the Rotary Drum Screens/Spiral Brush Screens. This screen conveyor mainly consists of a transportation section that conveys the screenings to a screw compactor or discharges the screenings into a waste bins.

Technical Data: (Typical)
Capacity:                                              ? = 1.4 [?⁄?]
Operating Range of Unit:                    1 000 [??⁄ℎ]
Screen Conveyor Length:                    2 000 – 5 000 [??]
Screen Conveyor Diameter:                300 [??]
Discharge Level (above top channel):             1 620  [??]
Operating Speed of Transport Zone:   12 [???]
Material of Screen:                               304⁄316 ????????? ?????
Install Angle:                                       
Motor & Gearbox Data (Screening Transport) - Typical:
Make & Model:                                                                       
Rated Motor Power:                             0.37 [??]
Gearbox Rating:                                  0.37 [??]
                                                                                13 [???]
Gearbox Service Factor:                      2.1
Electrical Supply:                                  220/380 ????? ??, 50 [??]

Advantages of the Wamechsi Group’s Screenings Screw Conveyor:

-          No bottom bearings or moving parts at the bottom.

-          The screenings screw conveyor automatically start with the independent Wamechsi Group’s Rotating Drum Screens or Spiral Brush Screens which will convey screenings up immediately without the risk to remain in the hopper for long time and to overflow.

The Wamechsi Group’s Screenings Screw Conveyor consists of the following key parts:

-          Motor & Gearbox

The installation of the electrical motor and gearbox enables the screw conveyor to transport the screenings due to gravity. This is crucial in automating the sewage treatment facility. It is however still required to do regular checkups in order to notice any unusual debris that may influence the effectiveness and/or working of the machine.

-          Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor (transportation zone) rotates continuously and conveys the screenings through the transportation zone and discharges into the outlet chute into a screenings compactor or directly into a waste bin.

-          Transportation Chute

The shaftless screw conveyors can be enclosed with external U-shaped chute or tubular version. The inclination can be from 0° horizontal and / or up to 90 ° vertical.

-          Discharge Chute

The screenings are conveyed to the top of the Wamechsi Group’s Screenings Screw Conveyor where it discharges into a compacting system where is will be further processed by a washing screw compactor before the screenings is discharged into a waste bin or depending on customer preference.

The Wamechsi Group’s Screenings Screw Conveyor operates as follow:

The incoming wastewater enters into the screening basket of Wamechsi Group’s Rotating Drum Screens and the screenings start to clog the internal surface of the screen causing the level to increase of the wastewater before the basket. A level sensor is normally set to give a signal for the Rotating Drum Screens to start when the wastewater reaches 80 [%] of the maximum operating level. The signal starts the rotation of the drum and screw gear motors as well as the Screenings Screw Conveyor. The screw conveyor continues to rotate for a few more seconds after the level sensor is disengaged to convey all the screenings into the compaction zone or out the discharge chute to clean out the remaining screenings.


Wamechsi Group’s Rotating Drum Screens

Wamechsi Group’s Screenings Screw Conveyor Typical Capacity and Sizes:
The following table and flow chart represents a possibility to select the right unit depending from the inlet flow conditions.

Screw Conveyor Length [m]


Conveyor Diameter


Screw Conveyor Capacity [kg/h]

Up to 30


1 000