Screw Compactor

- Dry screenings percentage of up to 50 [%].
- High operating capacity.
- Effective screw compaction system proven on several plants.

Trustworthy compaction of wastewater screenings

-          Dry screenings percentage of up to 50 [%].

-          High operating capacity.

-          Effective screw compaction system proven on several plants.

Principle and Function:

The Wamechsi Group Screw Compactor is used for effective de-watering, compaction and transport of screenings into a bin. The unit can be directly charged via a screening unit, hydro conveyor, screw conveyor or conveyor belt. The screenings are conveyed within the wash compactor from the inlet zone to the compaction zone.

Washing occurs while the screenings are conveyed with the screw, wash water is added and organic matter is washed out. The conveyor screw delivers the washed screenings to the pressing zone. The compacted screenings are discharged via a discharge chute into a bin on site. 




Technical Data:

Operating Capacity:      

Dry Screenings [%]:                

Volume Reduction:                 

Overall Dimensions:         

Volume of Feed Hopper:   

Screw Operating Speed:        

Wash Water Flow:                 

Wash Water Pressure:            

Mass when Full:                      

Material of Screw Compactor: 

Motor & Gearbox Data




Rated Motor Power:      

Gearbox Rating:         


Gearbox Service Factor:         

Electrical Supply:         

Overload Torque Protection:  

Other Relevant Data

Drain Line Size:                                   

Wash Water Line Size:                       

Wash Water Flow:                 

Wash Water Pressure:            

Material of Lining:                   

Material of Brushes:                

Working Environmental Conditions

-          Environment Type: Industrial, wet, pollution degree 3.

-          Temperature: From -20 [˚C] to 40 [˚C]

-          Humidity: From 40 [%] to 100 [%]




The Wamechsi Group Screw Compactor consists of the following key parts:

-          Motor & Gearbox

The installation of the electrical motor and gearbox enables the screw compactor to operate the compaction screw to dewater the screenings inside the compactor. It is however still required to do regular checkups in order to notice any unusual debris that may influence the effectiveness and/or working of the machine.

-          Compaction Screw

Screenings enters the screw compactor and the robust screw transports the screenings into the wash zone where they are exposed to powerful wash water. The screenings are th