Mechanical Front Rake Screen

- High screenings discharge capacity.
- Low head loss due to large effective bar spacing.
- Extremely reliable and versatile through its robust design

Trustworthy removal of screenings from wastewater

-          High screenings discharge capacity.

-          Low head loss due to large effective bar spacing.

-          Extremely reliable and versatile through its robust design

Principle and Function

The Wamechsi Group’s Front Rake Screen (FRS) are multi-raked, chain operated screens which are generally used as coarse and fine screens for medium and large sized wastewater treatment plants. The FRS mainly consists of bar screens, a frame and a discharge chute which is equipped with multi-rakes.

The Wamechsi FRS uses a stationary screen field with openings ranging from 3 to 25 [mm] or wider, depending on customer preference. High screenings discharge capacity and low head loss is achieved by the help of the multi-rakes. It is proper equipment for full automatic removal of solids from all kinds of water and wastewater.

Spaced steel bars are used to catch coarse and even fine debris. Debris is removed from the screen field periodically by a continuous traveling rake bar screen. These traveling rake bars may be activated by a timer, run continuously or run with the signal from a level sensor.

Each rake bar is mounted onto a chain on both sides of the screen frame. The rake bars’ teeth engage between the bars of the screen field and comb debris upward where the debris is removed mechanically and discharged through the outlet chute into a screw/hydro/belt conveyor which in turn conveys the screenings to a screw compactor.

Design Features of the Wamechsi Mechanical Front Rake Screen:

-          Unparalleled design due to simplicity and effectiveness.

-          All Stainless Steel construction.

-          Stainless Steel Taper Bar or Round Bar screen field.

-          Stainless Steel bottom sprocket covers to prevent any foreign objects.

-          HDPE rake guide shoes to ensure that rakes always maintain correct position in the screen field.

-          Unique cam profile design for top scraper design.

-          Variable screenings removal ratio.

Thecnical Data: (Typical)


Screen Aperture:              

Screen Bar Profile:             

Head Loss at Peak Flow:         

Operating Range of Unit:        

Screen Bar Height:            

Screen Width:                

Overall Width of Screen:        

Discharge Level (above top channel):

Operating Speed of Rake Mechanism:    

Material of Screen:                              

Install Angle:                 

Motor & Gearbox Data:

Make & Model:                    


Rated Motor Power:           

Gearbox Rating:              


Gearbox Service Factor:              

Electrical Supply:                

Working Environmental Conditions

-          Environment Type: Industrial, wet, pollution degree 3.

-          Temperature: From -20 [˚C] to 40 [˚C]

-          Humidity: From 40 [%] to 100 [%]

Advantages of the Wamechsi Group Mechanical Front Rake Screen:

-          Low head loss due to large effective bar rake surface.

-          High screenings discharge capacity.