Grit Washer

- Separation up to 95 [%] larger than 200 [µm].
- Up to 90 [%] dry grit
- Less than 3[%] volatile solids

Trustworthy Grit Washing & Separation

-          Separation up to 95 [%] larger than 200 [µm].

-          Up to 90 [%] dry grit

-          Less than 3[%] volatile solids

Principle and Function:

The Wamechsi Group Grit Washer is used to effectively filter out grit particles and volatile organic material from industrial and municipal wastewater. The effective separation of grit and organic material from process water can be achieved, by the continues flow rotation of the fluid and the agitator that keeps it in motion, facilitating grit sedimentation while maintaining suspension of organic material.

The grit washer is designed with a perforated plate, where the grit particle will settle and clean water is introduced to wash the sediment from bottom to top counter current of the flow. A level sensor monitors the level of the grit over the perforated plate and signals the screw conveyor to start. The screw conveyor transports solids up an inclined through for disposal into a waste bin. The organic substances are evacuated at regular interval from organic outlet with a motorized valve. The grit washer reduces the weight of wastewater solids, reducing the percentage volatile content, reducing solids handling and disposal costs of grit.

Technical Data:

Operating Capacity:           

Solid Loading Capacity:                                  

Guaranteed Dry Solids [%]:       

Organic Volatile Content [%]:     

Separation Capacity [% > µm]:     

Overall Dimensions:            

Volume of Feed Hopper:        

Screw Conveyor Speed :                    

Agitator Speed :                                  

Washer Water Flow:                          

Washer Water Pressure:                     

Agitator Operating Speed :                

Agitator Intervals [on/off]:                   

Mass when Full:                                  

Material of Grit Washer:                                 

Material of Lining:                               

Screw Conveyor Motor Data & Gearbox Data

Make & Model:               


Rated Motor Power:      

Motor Speed:          

Motor Efficiency:         

Electrical Supply:           

Overload Torque Protection:  

Gearbox Model:                      

Gearbox Ratio:          

Output Shaft Speed:      

Gearbox Service Factor:         


Agitator Motor & Gearbox Data

Motor Make & Model:     


Rated Motor Power:      

Motor Speed:            

Motor Efficiency:         

Electrical Supply: