Grit Classifier

- Up to 95 [%] separation larger than 200 [µm].
- Up to 80 [%] dry grit delivered into skip/waste bin.
- High operating capacity of up to 90 [m3/h].

Trustworthy compaction of wastewater screenings

-          Up to 95 [%] separation larger than 200 [µm].

-          Up to 80 [%] dry grit delivered into skip/waste bin.

-          High operating capacity of up to 90 [m3/h].

Principle and Function:

The Wamechsi Group Grit Classifier is used to effectively filter out unwanted grit from industrial and municipal wastewater. The machine separates and dewaters grit and other pollutant from process water by using a settling area and a screw conveyor to transport solids up an inclined through for disposal into a waste bin. The grit classifier reduces the weight of wastewater solids, reducing solids handling and disposal costs.  


Technical Data (Typical):

Operating Capacity:           

Solid Loading Capacity:                                  

Dry Solids [%]:                

Separation Capacity [% > µm]:     

Overall Dimensions:           

Volume of Feed Hopper:        

Operating Speed [rev/min]:               

Mass when Full:                                  

Material of Grit Classifier:                     

Material of Lining:                               

Motor Data




Rated Motor Power:      

Operating Speed [rev/m]:  

Motor Efficiency:         

Electrical Supply:         

Overload Torque Protection:  


Gearbox Data

Make & Model:                                   

Gearbox Rating:         

Output Shaft Speed [rev/min]:    

Gearbox Service Factor:         

Other Relevant Data

Discharge Height:                  

Inlet Connection:                    

Outlet Connection;                 

Drain Connection;                  

Wash Water Line Size:                       

Working Environmental Conditions

-          Environment Type: Industrial, wet, pollution degree 3.

-          Temperature: From -20 [˚C] to 40 [˚C]

-          Humidity: From 40 [%] to 100 [%]

The Wamechsi Group Grit Classifier consists of the following key parts:

-          Motor & Gearbox

The installation of the electrical motor and gearbox enables the grit classifier to operate the shafted screw conveyor to transport the grit settling on the hopper bottom. It is however still required to do regular checkups in order to notice any unusual debris that may influence the effectiveness and/or working of the machine.

-          Shafted Screw Conveyor

Water enters the hopper at the top, where the grit particle would settle to the bottom onto the screw conveyor. The screw conveyor would then transport the grit out of the water, entering the discharge chute which is then finally discharged into a waste bin/skip.

-          Water outlet

The outlet openings is covered with a U-shaped stainless steel plate to separate the grit separated water from the inlet zone.