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Wamechsi Group (Pty) Ltd

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Wamechsi Group (Pty) Ltd is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that specializes in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment. Wamechsi Group is a highly specialized mechanical equipment manufacturer situated in Pretoria, South Africa. Wamechsi is one of the leading suppliers in South Africa for mechanical equipment in the wastewater treatment industry, with several plants all over the country featuring our equipment.

Wamechsi Group's mission is to ensure sustainable and efficient processes to produce acceptable quality effluent standards, in the areas under its responsibility, at national, regional and international levels. Through our challenging designs and innovative thinking on all engineering disciplines, we offer the market the best equipment available. New product development is inherit to our company. All our products are engineered from the most fundamental principles and transformed into high quality products utilizing the best design and manufacturing techniques. At Wamechsi we also specialize in process design which includes designing and drawing process flow diagrams for a complete wastewater treatment plants.

We at Wamechsi pay attention to detail to ensure that our equipment has an admirable appearance, besides ensuring that it has a high efficiency and is robust to withstand any conditions to keep maintenance on our equipment low. Our team primarily consist of three Senior Mechanical Design Engineers, three Junior Engineers, two Senior Mechanical Draughtsman and several qualified artisans which forms part of the process to design and manufacture equipment with a state of the art finish and excellent performance.

We aim to create superior value and boost the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries with an approach focusing on a sustainable, integrated and knowledge-oriented production and development. The company aims to to comply with national and international requirements, regulations and standards in such areas as quality, safety, as well as occupational and environmental health.